PrivacyIM is equipped to lead your NIST Privacy Evaluation Process, plus liaise with NIST/NSTIC, as you pilot new solutions. Beyond simply coordinating with outside agencies, we will also work with your business to ensure that privacy is included in your solution development and implementation.



PrivacyIM will help you establish or develop a robust privacy program whether your team needs support or augmentation. From minimizing PII and understanding consent versus authorization to developing privacy policies, incident management plans, and much more, PrivacyIM has all of your advisory needs covered.



PrivacyIM assists you determine the scope of privacy regulations for your company and how well you’re complying with those regulations. Whether you are working with CAN-SPAM, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA or any other federal data privacy law, we will guide you to becoming fully compliant. To strategize for your company's unique needs, PrivacyIM will help you understand relevant regulations and industry standards while providing an assessment of your current-state compliance.